Citadel tilt shift

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Halifax`Panorama 2010, 22"x30", watercolor, For Sale. This painting can be seen at the Jackson Drive Through Gallery in the south window of Gus's Pub at the corner of North and Agricola.
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  1. This is the watercolor study for the big painting. I finished it after I had finished the bigger one. This painting is available for sale and is happily waiting to find its new home.

  2. Hi Kyle,

    googling Halifax and saw this. EXCELLENT work. i really do appreciate your talent. We still have two of your pieces displayed prominently in our house. i hope and trust you and your family are well. it was nice but very short see everyone at Jamba's funeral. Still hard to believe some days. be well my friend.

    Norm Brzycki

  3. And this one? Message me with prices....