Citadel tilt shift

Monday, August 13, 2012

Waegwoltic in the sun. a painting series exhibited at the Waegwoltic club that celebrates summer by the pools

                                                                     Lido pool, acrylic on canvas 42x30"

                                                                    Open swim, acrylic on panel 29x21"

Waegwoltic sailing school, acrylic on panel 25x21"
                                                                Waegwoltic lido pool

Waegwoltic open swim

                                              Waegwoltic summer adventure camp boat launch

Waegwoltic Sailing camp

Waegwoltic Lido 

                                                                A perfect cannonball in the main pool

 Late night swim

                                                         Early morning swim in the Lido

                                                      Greetings from the clubhouse

Monday, August 6, 2012

Folk art festival 2012

Another fun day at the annual Folk art Festival, or as I like to say, outsider art exhibition. I was lucky to have half my collection sold and enjoyed meeting all my old pals. On to the next great art adventure!