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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Halifax 2009, 4'x2'4", acrylic on wood

Sometimes a painting starts out as a mongrel that is thrown up on the easel for fun. The result is a very loose painting style, carefree because the stakes are low. A great way to paint and I think the result in this painting shows a whimsical slapdash. It's like I let the painting out to play and get its clothes dirty and then I did a little polish and sent it on it's way.
I sold this one at the 21 annual Folk Art Festival in Lunenburg, N.S. to a couple that live in Dartmouth and look out their window at this cityscape. They were happy.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Halifax 2009, 16'x4'5", Acrylic, wood, plastic, Collection AGNS.

This painting was a result of Art Eco childrens art festival. Myself and 50 kids worked on these two paintings. The frame holds all the recycled material and leaves the image clean.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The artist as a young man holding his first Halifax painting that I sold for $35.00 in 1985. The scene is a boat crossing Halifax Harbour in 3d. This was one of a matching pair of paintings and I sold the other one so fast that I have no record of where it went. A few years ago someone said they saw the other one in a living room in Halifax? There are lots of paintings I made that were never photographed and are living somewhere, like kids who left home and never to be heard from again. sigh.
Halifax, 2009, 2'x'4', acrylic on panel, Collection C.Garson

This is a commission piece made for a couple of art lovers. A wonderful thing happened when the two sail boats in the foreground fell in love with one another. I am fond of how the Harbour twists around behind the city and pulls your eye back and around. Notice the ocean horizon in the back round, never done that before. I love the fresh windy feeling. as I tried to make the painting sound and smell like the city by the sea. The painting was documented through its various stages and photos were sent to the client so they could watch the progress. They were very happy.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Brightcity#2, 2007
BrightCity#1, 2007, 8'3"x3'10", Acrylic on wood.

#2 in the Bright City series of three big Halifax`panoramas. All three were painted at the same time side by side and using the same basic scene. These paintings are full of freewheeling folk fauvist style and were in my mind, very successful and fun.
Halifax watercolor, 2009, 13"x 32"

This painting was supposed to go to Greece but ended up in Montreal.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Halifax, 2007, 8'3"x3'2", acrylic on wood, collection W. Spicer

This was one of the first big Halifax Panoramas with a birds eye view. The buildings have become a words in a vocabulary and this painting begins to tell a great story about Halifax. As I continue to paint the city, I continue to add more words/buildings and in doing so try to capture a more concise definition of Halifax.

St.Johns, Newfoundland, 2009, 3'x4', acrylic on wood panel.

This is an interpretation of a great city by the sea. The big sky hopes to make the viewer feel the open expanse of the north Atlantic. The small mouth of the harbour was once described to me by an old newfoundlander as so tight that big ships had to grease their sides in order to slip into the harbour.
This original painting is for sale.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Halifax 2009, 3'x2', collection J. Spatz

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