Citadel tilt shift

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Halifax 2009, 4'x2'4", acrylic on wood

Sometimes a painting starts out as a mongrel that is thrown up on the easel for fun. The result is a very loose painting style, carefree because the stakes are low. A great way to paint and I think the result in this painting shows a whimsical slapdash. It's like I let the painting out to play and get its clothes dirty and then I did a little polish and sent it on it's way.
I sold this one at the 21 annual Folk Art Festival in Lunenburg, N.S. to a couple that live in Dartmouth and look out their window at this cityscape. They were happy.


  1. kyle
    the blog is looking great!
    and the stories about the work are really effective. you've opened up a window on the interior history of the painting that adds more colour to the image, so to speak. i like the mongrel piece and the way it reduces the space between the buildings. the compression makes for a lively contrast with the free space of the citadel and sky above. nice use of colour too -- emphasizing the contrast between the citadel and the city. very cool!

  2. Thanks brother, contrasting between crowded city and open sky, never thought about it that way but I have labeled this technique and it now sits in my tool box of tricks